Essential Oil Storage Boxes

Nice wooden boxes with brass hinges, clasp and decorative detail (designs can vary).  These boxes come supplied empty and are designed to hold 10ml or 50ml essential oils as sold on our website.

Box to hold: 6 x 10ml bottles          Price:  9.50
Box to hold: 12 x 10ml bottles        Price: 13.00

Box to hold: 24 x 10ml bottles        Price: 17.00

Box to hold: 1 x 50ml bottle + 6 x 10ml bottles        Price: 12.00

Glass Bottles

Our glass bottles can be supplied with either a tamper evident cap with dropper or a pippet.
10ml AMBER - with cap & dropper
PRICE: 0.65

10ml AMBER - with pippet
PRICE: 1.05

10ml CLEAR - with cap & dropper
PRICE: 0.70

10ml CLEAR - with pippet
PRICE: 1.10

Amber Glass Jar

Amber glass jar with a black plastic screw top lid, ideal for storing premixed creams and lotions.

SIZE: 60ml volume          PRICE: 1.00 each

Image of book-gaia-aromatherapy.jpg
TITLE: Aromatherapy                AUTHOR: Sarah Dean
TYPE: Softback
A Gaia busy person's guide to Aromatherapy. Simple routines for home, work and travel.
However you spend your days the chances are that each one is packed full of work, travel and chores, with little chance to take stock and relax. A lifestyle like this can leave you feeling stressed and unable to give your best, whether at work or play. This book shows you how to make the healing powers of essential plant essences work for you, whether for de-stressing, pepping you up and giving you an energy boost, or clearing your head after a hectic, action packed day. This book takes you through all the activities you're likely to be involved in during your day and tells you how they can be combined with aromatherapy.

RRP: 9.99         OUR PRICE: 5.99

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