Produced by Namaste a UK Fair Trade company. All products are produced by skilled artisans who enjoy higher wages than realistic average local expectations. Men and women are paid the same rate for the same job per hour and no child labour is involved in the production of any of their goods.

Embroidered Indian Hippy Sun Bags  - 16.00
100% Cotton, fairly traded from India. Design has one large sun on one side and two smaller suns on the other. Available in choice of four colours. SIZE: 32 x 32cm

Colour: PINK
Colour: GREEN
Colour: PURPLE

Recycled Stripe Shoulder Bag  - 17.00
Available in choice of two colours.
SIZE: 36 x 28cm

Order: BAG-03 (please specify colour)
Colour: BLUE
Colour: PINK

Rainbow Stripe Small Shoulder Bag
Bright rainbow stripe bag with tassled detailing and adjustable strap.

MEDIUM     SIZE: 23cm X 26cm            9.00
LARGE         SIZE: 33cm X 33cm          12.00

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