Crystals can be used to activate, energise and rebalance our chakra centres.
Here we have grouped the tumbledstones into chakra groups.
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SIZE GUIDE: Small upto 15mm     Medium 15 to 22mm     Large 22 to 30mm     XLarge 30mm +

Image of 1.gif
Stones suitable for the 1st Chakra

BLACK ONYX: Used to heal the 1st (Base/Root) Chakra.
This solid feeling stone is excellent for grounding negativity and letting go of stress. Onyx is soothing and helps in focus, to banish grief and old habits, protecting the bearer and encouraging happiness and good fortune.
SIZE: Large          PRICE: £0.80        ORDER: TS-38

BLACK OBSIDIAN: Used to heal the 1st (Base/Root) Chakra.
The ‘Wizards’ stone and much prized. An excellent stone for sensitive or psychic people, Black obsidian brings Light and love into your life, it allows you to recognize you own spirituality. It is a good stone for gazing, especially when it is do with love matters. One of the best stones for grounding and protection, excellent for people who need an extra bit of security, whether to be guarded against harsh words or actions.
Useful for those recovering from illness or depression as it will absorb negativity and prevent emotional draining. Due to this, it can be useful to have around in an office if you're likely to feel stressed. Also aids healing of wounds, dissolves pain and improves circulation. Aids digestion and intestines.  Star Sign: Gemini.

SIZE: Large          PRICE: £0.80        ORDER: TS-17

HEMATITE: Used to heal the 1st (Root/Base) Chakra
The root "hem/o" means "blood". When ground or cut, this blackish grey metallic stone forms a reddish powder. Hematite forms a reflective shield around the wearer, letting negativity bounce off and return to the sender. The bearer should remember however, that their own negativity will be reflected to them if they are its source. It is therefore a "lesson stone," teaching the aware to release and ground their negativity. It heals and cleanses the blood, improves memory, encourages optimism and is great for stress and depression.

SIZE: Large         PRICE: £1.00        ORDER: TS-14

OBSIDIAN (SNOWFLAKE): Used to heal the 1st (Root/Base) Chakra
A powerful healing stone that will bring things to the surface. These could be positive or negative; love, anger, secrets etc. but with Snowflake Obsidian they will be brought to the surface more gently than they might be otherwise.  It aids in seeing patterns in life and recreating them in a more beneficial way. It is a stone of serenity and purity, and can absorb, shield and protect against negativity. Snowflake obsidian also gives protection from physical, emotional and psychic harm and is said to dispel bad dreams & anxieties. It helps one align with the Divine Light by transforming negativity into a positive bringing peace and balance to mind and body.
Use Rose Quartz after this stone to help relieve the feelings this stone can unearth.

SIZE: Large          PRICE: £0.60         ORDER: TS-23

DALMATIAN JASPER: Used to heal the 1st (Root/Base) Chakra
Acquired its name due to the similarity of spotted markings with the Dalmatian breed of dog. Jasper helps us release our tendencies to over think or over analyse things. It allows us to see beyond our disillusionment toward a brighter future, bringing a sense of fun. Dalmatian Jasper is just the stone you need when you want a pick-me-up.  When you wear or carry it, your mood is lifted immediately alleviating depression and negative thinking. Make sure you wear it to places you are expecting to have a dull time. Dalmatian Jasper is also excellent at preventing nightmares. An ideal stone for athletes as it provides stamina and determination. It can also prevent strains and muscle spasms.

SIZE: Large        PRICE: £0.80        ORDER: TS-31

QUARTZ (SMOKEY): Used to heal the 1st (Root/Base) Chakra.
A variety of quartz that is "smokey" looking, from light grey or brown to dark brown or black.
A grounding and stabilising stone. Promotes realism, calmness, and can give the wearer or user a sense of comfort. Excellent stone for relieving Grief, old anger, depression and resentment. Balances sexual energy, fears, unhappiness.
Place at or on the feet of one experiencing "floatiness" or instability to help the individual regain their composure and grounding.

SIZE: Large           PRICE: £0.80        ORDER: TS-18

SIZE: Medium          PRICE: £0.60        ORDER: TS-18a

Red Tiger Eye
TIGER EYE: RED      Can be used to heal 1st (Base) & 3rd (solar Plexus) Chakras.
Useful for enhancing physical vitality, this stone can help create healthy patterns in exercise and eating habits. It is grounding and offers a practical and optimistic outlook. It helps the wearer feel energetic, vibrantly healthy and passionate. It balances the yin-yang energy bringing awareness of one's personal needs as well as the needs of others. Other properties include: becoming practical and discreet of mind as well as more grounded; brings optimism eliminating 'the blues'; helps with internal mental battles; stimulates wealth. It also produces stimulating and soothing vibrations.  Tigers eye has been used in the treatment of eye and throat disorder and also disorders of the reproductive system.  Star Sign: Capricorn & Leo.

SIZE: Med/Small          PRICE: £0.60         ORDER: TS-01a

Red Jasper
JASPER - RED: Can be used to heal 1st (Base) Chakra.
Provides protective 'earth energy' it's protective qualities emphasize survival and physical protection.
Red Jasper is a powerful divination stone, and can be worn to protect the individual during out of body experiences and vision quests by providing a solid grounding. It also helps with conflict and aggression, promotes grace and perserverence. A stone of good luck especially for travel.

SIZE: Large         PRICE: £0.60       ORDER: TS-11
SIZE: Med/Small         PRICE: £0.35       ORDER: TS-11a

Image of 2.gif
Stones suitable for the 2nd Chakra

AMBER:  Used to heal the 2nd & 3rd Chakras.
Amber is said to be good for success abundance, healing, vitality and joy. Amber carries a negative electrical charge and as such is thought to be god at drawing power and energy into it's bearer. Amber is also used to tap into the energy of the sun.
SIZE: Large        PRICE: £3.50        ORDER: TS-39

CARNELIAN: Used to heal the 2nd (Sacral) Chakra
A sacred stone of the Egyptians and the Tibetans, this energetic stone activates the lower chakras and helps the wearer to take action. It brings energy and fire, enhancing physical energy and personal power and invoking joy, laughter and warmth as it opens the heart.
It installs a feeling of well being and inflowing power. It is recomended for infertility or impotency. It also helps regulate circulation; purifies the blood and it has also been suggested that it can stop nose bleeds!  Star Sign: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo & Virgo

SIZE: Small          PRICE: £0.30         ORDER: TS-02
SIZE: Medium          PRICE: £0.60         ORDER: TS-02a

CALCITE (ORANGE): Used to heal the 2nd (Sacral) Chakra.
Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of various types of energies. Found in a variety of colors including clear, green, pink, orange and blue. Orange Calcite is mainly used for its strong energizing and cleansing properties. It is also excellent at balancing emotions, removing fear, Overcoming depression and dissolving problems standing in the way of achieving your best potential. Healing properties: Orange Calcite heals the reproductive system, alleviates intestinal and gallbladder disorders and Reduces mucous.

SIZE: Large        PRICE: £0.70       ORDER: TS-32

CALCITE (HONEY): Used to heal the 2nd  Sacral and 3rd Solar Plexus Chakras, and helps bring balance between these two chakras.
Honey calcite is a stone that gently amplifies energy. It is believed to be able to help one relax and recharge one's energies, both physical and spiritual,  enhancing psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness.  Honey calcite also enhances intellect and memory, is said to aid in tasks requiring organized thinking and planning and assists in the challenges associated with change.

SIZE: Medium/Large    PRICE: £1.25     ORDER: TS-50

Stones suitable for the 3rd Chakra

LEOPARD SKIN JASPER: Used to heal the 1st (root) & 3rd (solar plexus)  Chakra.
Known as the 'Stone of Happiness and Harmony' Leopard skin jasper is associated with shamanic travel and spiritual discovery.  It helps you to connect with your spiritual animal totem and traverse between the worlds in order to learn the lessons of your personal totem. It is revered as sacred and protective and is also good for healing, balancing and bringing joy and freedom.
SIZE: Large          PRICE: £1.00        ORDER: TS-35

TIGER EYE: GOLDEN    Can be used to heal 1st (Base) & 3rd (solar Plexus) Chakras.
Stone of protection that is especially usful for travel.  It enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and correct use of power. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. It can also help one see clearly without illusion. A very grounding stone usful to those of us that can be a bit flighty.
Star Sign(s) - Capricorn  Star Sign: Capricorn & Leo.

SIZE: Large          PRICE: £0.80         ORDER: TS-37a
SIZE: Medium          PRICE: £0.60         ORDER: TS-37

QUARTZ (RUTILATED): Used to heal the 3rd (Solar Plexus) Chakra.  
A type of quartz with needle like rutiles embedded in it. The rutile needles can be red, silver, gold or on very rare occasions, greenish. Rutilated quartz is an energizing stone helping energyto get moving on all levels. It can help slowed chakras return to normal spin and balance. In the psychic and spiritual realms, rutilated quartz is used for meditation, spiritual communications, and dream work. It is particularly good for seeking higher spiritual experiences and meditation on feminine ideas. Rutilated quartz can also deflect negative energies and unwanted energetic, psychic, and magickal interferences. Rutilated quartz is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and is sometimes considered a link between the root and crown chakras.

SIZE: Large         PRICE: £1.10        ORDER: TS-25
SIZE: Medium         PRICE: £0.80        ORDER: TS-25a

Yellow Jasper
YELLOW JASPER: Use to heal the 3rd (solar plexus) Chakra
"Protection Stone" Balances the Yin-Yang energy, stabilizes the aura, rejuvenates, gives courage and wisdom, relieves pain and suffering. Yellow Jasper has characteristics of helping one be strong and balanced in the social arenas and protects one's social welfare. Used for good luck in travel by the West.

SIZE: Large          PRICE: £0.60         ORDER: TS-13

CITRINE: Used to heal the 3rd (Solar Plexus) Chakra
An energising stone, both physically and mentally, stimulating openness and accelerating the awakening of the mind. A stone of manifestation, Citrine brings our thoughts into being on the physical plane, helping us to realize our dreams. It is especially useful for desires involving happiness, wealth, success and communication. Helping to balance the solar plexus chakra, it brings clarity to the difference between the needs of ego and our divine, higher Will, and to fill our lives with joy. Aids the digestive system helping to eliminate toxins. Helps unblock subconscious fears serving as a natural relaxant. Said to help financial luck. Star Sign: Scorpio & Aries.

SIZE: Large         PRICE: £1.20        ORDER: TS-03
SIZE: Medium         PRICE: £0.80        ORDER: TS-03a

PYRITE: Used to heal the 3rd Chakra.
The ancients used this mineral as a fire starter and as a mirror. It is particularly symbolic of our connection to the sun. Said to be particularly good at aiding the stomach and intestines.

SIZE: Large            PRICE: £1.00

Stones suitable for the 4th Chakra

AMAZONITE:  Used to heal the 3rd, 4th & 5th Chakras.
A mineral that is visually soothing. It improves selfworth and can instill confidence.  It works on the throat, heart and solar plexus Chakras for self-expression, artistic creativity and healing.
SIZE: Medium        PRICE: £0.60        ORDER: TS-34

MALACHITE: Used to clear and activate ALL Chakras - Esp 3rd (Solar Plexus) & 4th (Heart)
This powerful healing stone works to heal the heart as well as the body. Malachite is one of the few stones that can be used to clear and activate all Chakras. It has wonderful healing properties, because of the high copper content of the stone. It has a very steady pulsing electromagnetic energy field, absorbing negative energy from the auric field and cleansing it, thus balancing the wearer and protecting them from the effects negative energies.
It is great for increasing ones concentration skills and is quite beneficial to ones physical, as well as psychic, vision. Malachite helps to find a balanced path between the desires of ego and of our higher Will, aiding us in removing blockages and inspiring us with ideas which will help to manifest those goals.  Known as the'Salesperson's Stone' it is further used to manifest prosperity. A small piece in the cash register draws customers.  Other attributes include; enhancing our ability to nurture all Life; represents hope and inner peace; believed to protect from danger; often used as a child's talisman for sleep, protecting from bad dreams; aids the function of the pancreas and spleen; reduces stress and tension. Star Sign: Capricorn

SIZE: Medium        PRICE: £3.00         ORDER: TS-05a

AVENTURINE: Used to heal the 4th (Heart) Chakra.  
Radiating a calming energy, aventurine is used in shielding the heart and in healing and balancing the emotions releasing emotional stress. Aventurine further stimulates creativity and independence. It enhances leadership qualities allowing the wearer to act decisively, and strengthens intuitive power. It is especially useful for healing especially disorders of the lungs, heart, adrenal glands, muscular and urogenital system. It balances and aligns one's intellectual, emotional, physical and auric body. Aventurine is also said to bring good luck. Star Sign: Aries & Libra.

SIZE: Large          PRICE: £0.80        ORDER: TS-04
SIZE: Medium        PRICE: £0.60        ORDER: TS-04a
SIZE: Small        PRICE: £0.30        ORDER: TS-04b

UNAKITE: Used to heal the 4th (Heart) Chakra
The pink in unikite speaks to the heart chakra to awaken the love within. The green lends it healing qualities to gently release blocks from old heart wounds. The pink in unikite is a deeper shade of pink and is more grounding than that found in rose quartz. This stone has a leveling affect, and helps to balance the emotional aspects of the body. For the physical body, Unakite allows us to get to the underlying cause of disease and begin to heal it. It is also an earthy, peaceful stone, balancing emotions, and encouraging Higher Love. It prepares and facilitates the re-birthing process, as well as the actual birth process as it is a healing tonic for the reproductive system. Scorpio stone. #5, #7, and #11 vibrations.  This stone is a joy to work with.
SIZE: Medium/Large         PRICE: £0.70         ORDER: TS-29

RHODONITE: Used to heal the 4th (Heart) Chakra.
A stone for activating love energies in oneself and others and said to promote friendship and goodwill. Rhodonite is also good at dispelling tension and anxiety and helps one establish inner balance. It is sometimes refereed to as the 'stone of peace' and may help resolve conflicts.

SIZE: Medium          PRICE: £0.60         ORDER: TS-26a

RHODOCHROSITE: Used to heal the 4th (Heart) Chakra.
A good energy conductor that helps to balance the emotional, mental and physical self. Soothes the heart, stimulates warm feelings of love and compassion, helps with creativity and enhances intuition.
SIZE: Large/Med          PRICE: £2.80

Rose Quartz
ROSE QUARTZ: Use to heal the 4th (heart) Chakra
A Soothing, Calming Stone that dispels Stored Anger, Jealousy, Fear, Grief and resentment. Balancing the emotions and healing emotional wounds, it brings peace and calm. It is especially powerful in times of stress or loss, helping the wearer to slow down and take it easy. Its loving nurturing energy takes away fears, resentment and anger and gently replaces them with a feeling of higher self esteem and confidence.  Rose Quartz is also a good stone for love, and to increase self love and feelings of self worth. It brings healing and clarity to the heart and allows the wearer to learn to trust again.  Wear this and open yourself to love.
SIZE: Large         PRICE: £0.80        ORDER: TS-12

ZOISITE: Used to heal the 4th (Heart) Chakra
This powerful stone transmutes negativity into positive energy. It relieves lethargy and boosts physical energy. It offers stamina to the mental processes, facilitating advancements of the wearer's goals. It helps the wearer to maintain both their individuality and their connection to others, as it awakens the crown chakra.
SIZE: Medium         PRICE: £1.50         ORDER: TS-27

Image of chrysoprase-tumbled.jpg
CHRYSOPRASE: Used to heal the 4th (Heart) Chakra
A vibrant green stone. Green is about healing on all levels. This stone activates, opens, and energizes the heart chakra.  Meditating with or wearing Chrysoprase can facilitate a deep heart connection with the Mother Earth. Men love Chrysoprase for its vibration of courage. Also helps one to move ahead in all business dealings.

SIZE: X Large        PRICE: £3.00       ORDER: TS-24a
SIZE: Large        PRICE: £2.00       ORDER: TS-24

Stones suitable for the 5th Chakra

CHRYSOCOLLA:   Used to heal the 5th (throat) Chakra.
A Beautiful Blue/Green stone. These colours represents a stone of creative expression and communication and is ideal for use on the throat chakra. Chrysocolla is an important stone for releasing stress, grief, sadness, and fear from the throat chakra. It brings joy, certainty, and peace. All in all an excellent stone for supporting the process of letting go of pain and worry. It is also an excellent stone for stimulating the thyroid gland.

SIZE: Large         PRICE: £2.50        ORDER: TS-33a
SIZE: Medium         PRICE: £1.50        ORDER: TS-33

TURQUOISE: Used to heal the 5th (Throat) Chakra:
American Native as well as indigenous Asian tribes consider the stone highly spiritual and it is regularly used in religious and cultural ceramonies across the world.  It is helpful in expanding awareness while still maintaining practicality. Turquoise moves the wearer toward integration and wholeness. Turquoise promotes communication and the ability to speak honestly, clearly and from the heart, and reminds us of our connection to Earth and Sky. Ancient lore suggests that it also protects against environmental pollutants. In ancient times, turquoise was utilised to gain wealth. Wearing turquoise can speed up the healing process. Lore also has it that the stone will change colour, warning when the owner is in danger. A powerful protector against all pollutants. Inspires freindship and loyalty.

SIZE: Medium        PRICE: £1.40        ORDER: TS-28a
SIZE: Small        PRICE: £0.70        ORDER: TS-28

TURQURENITE: Used to heal the 5th (Throat) Chakra
Turqurenite is infact Howlite that has been dyed to resembel Turquoise. Although it is not as powerful in its energies as genuine Turquoise, suprisingly it does take on some of the metaphysical properties of Turquoise, in addition to the natural properties of Howlite. These include dispelling an excessively critical nature, diminishing selfishness and facetiousness. promoting reasoning, observation and patience. For healing purposes it is believed to reduce pain, stress and rage.  It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the teeth, bones and muscles. Also believed to help fevers.

SIZE:  Medium          PRICE:  £0.60        ORDER: TS-16

KYANITE: Used to heal the 5th Chakra
Kyanite never needs cleansing, and if kept with your other crystals will naturally cleanse them too. Kyanite has a tranquil and calming effect, helping the user to perceive. Great for people who find it difficult to relax and excellent for aiding meditation. Everyone should have some!
SIZE: Large          PRICE: £1.00         ORDER: TS-40

Blue Lace Agate
BLUE LACE AGATE: Used to heal the 5th (Throat) Chakra.
Especially suited to people of a gentle nature. The energy of this mineral is most useful at the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. It can be used in the treatment of arthritic conditions and is quite helpful in speeding up the mending of broken bones and the strengthening of the toenails and fingernails. It can be used in the treatment of the pancreas and also aids digestion.

SIZE: Large          PRICE: £0.80        ORDER: TS-06

ANGELITE: Used to heal the 5th (throat) Chakra.
Angelite is a stone of 'spiritual communication' it stimulates psychic awareness and aid's the connection with your higher self, deva’s and spirit guides.  Angelite is a great stone for spiritual journeys and astral travel, it allows us to experience the journey and take in the mental and emotional meaning of your travel. Angelite is also a wonderful stone for promoting a sense of calm, serenity and inner peace. Hold an Angelite stone when feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the soft vibration will allow you to immediately calm down stabilising the emotional body. It also dispels fears, anger, and allows one to forgive.

SIZE: Medium       PRICE: £1.10        ORDER: TS-20

Stones suitable for the 6th Chakra

FLUORITE - RAINBOW: Helps bring order to chaos. The Green, Blue and Purple hues of this stone bring order by helping the 4th (heart), 5th (throat) & 6th (third eye) Chakras to communicate with each other. A powerful healing stone it also helps calm the over exictable.
SIZE: Large        PRICE: £1.40

LABRADORITE: Used to heal the 3rd (Solar Plexus) 5th (Throat) & 6th (Third Eye) Chakra
Its distinctive flash of irridescent colors is known as "labradorescence."  These beautiful flashes of color change according to the angle of light refraction, and may be blue, green, yellow, and pink, with the majority of the stone itself a dark grey in color. The bright flash is said to emit a powerful light energy from planetary sources and beings to the soul of the user.  Labradorite is often used in facilitating astral projection. It clears, balances, and protects the aura.
Helps one work around changing situations. Relieves insecurity apprehension and reduces stress. Brings patience to the holder. It is reputed to be a Traveling stone and is also ascribed the ability to heal infections, energize and help in the achievement of mental and physical balance.
SIZE: Small           PRICE: £0.90          ORDER: TS-30
SIZE: Large           PRICE: £1.50          ORDER: TS-30a

SODALITE: used to heal the 5th (Throat) &  6th (Third Eye) Chakras.
Provides for rational thought - it eliminates confusion. It is an excellent stone for use in groups providing fellowship and solidarity and a common goal and purpose. It encourages self-esteem self-trust and trust in others. It can be used to help verbalise one's true feelings. Sodalite has been used in the treatment of gland disorders and digestive disorders and also as a purifying agent for the body; it dispels insomnia and helps with calcium deficiencies.
SIZE: Large           PRICE: £0.80           ORDER: TS-07a
SIZE: Med/Small           PRICE: £0.30           ORDER: TS-07a

CHAROITE: Used to heal the 6th (Third Eye) & 7th (Crown) Chakra
A high frequency stone which aids the wearer in walking their 'Dharma' (Destiny), their path of service in this lifetime. Violet is the highest spiritual colour and vibration, denoting power within, psychic and inner development, influence and transcendence. Some say the colour violet represents the "flame of transmutation" that burns negativity and makes new growth possible. Charoite instills a sense of peace and harmony a stone of spiritual transformation, allowing us to understand and heal the lessons we have brought upon ourselves. It allows us to get beyond the material world and physical body of reality.  Charoite is a stone that brings one closer to the goddess/god in all of us.  Charoite makes us aware of karma and that there is a higher plan for each of us and to recognise our connection with the ALL.

SIZE: Large       PRICE: £3.00        ORDER: TS-21

AMETHYST: Used to heal the 6th (Third Eye) and 7th (Crown) Chakras.
A stone of 'spirituality and contentment'. It balances the intellectual, emotional and physical energies and it also bestows stability, strength and peace. It is an excellent all round healing stone which calms the mind and is good for meditation. It can be used in the treatment of hearing disorders and to strengthen the skeletal system. It is useful in the treatment of the nervous and digestive systems, the heart, stomach, skin and teeth. It has been used, with excellent results, as an elixir in the treatment of arthritis.

SIZE: Large          PRICE: £1.00         ORDER: TS-08
SIZE: Small        PRICE: £0.25        ORDER: TS-08a

Stones suitable for the 7th Chakra

MOONSTONE: Used in treating the 7th (Crown) Chakra.
'Mother Earth' stone, vibrating with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy of the waxing and full Moon.  A stone good for all female health problems especially; pre-menstrual symptoms, period pains, balancing the reproductive system & fertility. Used to ease childbirth.  The Romans believed that it was created by Moonlight (hence the name) and empowered with magical properties. Thought to bring good luck and the ability to grant wishes. Other attributes include: helping to strengthen intuition and psychic perception; bringing balance and harmony & opening the heart to humanitarian love and hope. Good emotional balancing stone for all. Good for protection while travelling on water.

SIZE: Large         PRICE: £1.00        ORDER: TS-09

MOONSTONE (RAINBOW): Used to heal the 7th (Crown) Chakra
Rainbow Moonstone is a feldspar gemstone, which exhibits iridescent flashes of blue, red, gold, green and white. The metaphysical properties are as Moonstone above however, the Rainbow Effect brings in a spectrum of light, and can help with clearing and bringing in uplifting energies. Intuitive sources say Rainbow Moonstone can bring flashes of insight, increase intuition, and enhance one's creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. It is said to awaken the rainbow body of Light and have the power to grant wishes.
SIZE: XLarge        PRICE: £2.50         ORDER: TS-22

Clear Quartz
QUARTZ (CLEAR): Used to heal the 7th Chakra but suitable for ALL
(also known as Rock Crystal, Clear Quartz, Crystal Quartz): Considered by many to be the best all purpose crystal or stone. It is particularly useful for meditation and when working to contact or align with one's higher self.  Receives, transmits, stores and amplifies energy and information.  Absorbs negativity; great near VDU’s etc. Gives Strength and Energy. It is an excellent channeller for healing bringing light and goodness into everyday life. Chakras: All     Star Sign: Aquarius.

SIZE: Large            PRICE: £0.80         ORDER: TS-15
SIZE: Medium          PRICE: £0.60        ORDER: TS-15a

Spiral Cage with thonging
Turn your stones into pendants with this nifty cage that prises open to hold the stone of your choice. Supplied on black thonging.

PRICE: £1.99            

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