The best way is often the easiest so keep it simple. Water with a little salt is excellent, wash gently, and dry. Dish soap can be used but do not use dyed or strong chemicals because of the chance of discolouring the crystal.  Avoid scouring pads because it can scratch the surface. If you like your crystals super shiny the try polishing it with a jewellers cloth after.


New crystals will have travelled far and been held by many people each contributing their vibrations to the crystal.  These vibrations need to be neutralized thus restoring the crystal to itís original clarity so that you can impress your own pure intentions upon it.
It is recommended that you carry this out regularly especially if your crystals are used for healing.  A crystal with imbalances or energetic static can be detected by a feeling of heaviness or unpleasantness.  

INCENSE:  Hold the crystal within the smoke of incense while impressing upon it your intention that it only relate to your impressions as its possessor. Herbs such as sage, cedar, sandalwood and frankincense are particularly good for their purifying qualities (this is the most common way to cleanse crystals)
CANDLE: Hold over the heat of a candle in the same manner. Do not place it directly in the flame because extreme heat can change the colour.

VISUALISATION: Take a deep breath and blow over the crystal. Imagine that you are clearing away all negativity. Repeat until you feel the crystal is cleansed.
SEA SALT: Use dry sea salt in a small container and bury the stone for between 7 - 24 hours. Don't use salt water as prolonged submergence can damage softer stones.  
SUN & WATER:  Hold the stones under running water for a minute and then place in the sun to dry. Not recommended for stones susceptible to fading: Aventurine, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz
SOUND: The vibrations of a pure sound can energetically clean a stone. Use either a bell, gong or tuning fork.
CRYSTALS: Amethyst and Citrine geodes or clusters can be used to cleanse crystals. Place your crystals in/on the geode/cluster for approx. 2 hours and they will emerge completely energised. Alternatively, Selenite, Kyanite or Apopphilite have natural cleansing properties. Place some in the centre of your crystals to keep them cleansed between use.


Bonding with a crystal Ďtunesí it to your mind and vibration making the crystal a part of your psyche. Bonding is very important and should be carried out with every crystal whether it be a large expensive specimen or an inexpensive tumbled gemstone.
Find a quite place and hold the crystal in your hand, with your eyes closed try to feel it with your mind; itís touch, energy etc., After a few minutes open your eyes and explore your crystal, delve deep inside noting its colour, shape, flaws, inclusions and imperfections, become familiar with ever angle and part of the crystal. This process creates a permanent image of your crystal in your mind.
Thatís it, now you are one. It only takes a few minutes and you should do this with every crystal. From here you can go on to program your crystal if you have a ready intention, or you can save it for programming at a later date.

Here is where you put the most powerful energy in the universe to work, your mind. You give the crystal or tumble gemstone your intention which becomes its purpose. You can assign it any purpose or desire that you have and it then becomes your icon which represents the intention you want it to hold. It is your intermediary to the universal machine which enables all thought to become physical reality.

Holding the crystal in both hands, gaze into it.  Start breathing with slow, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling forcefully through your mouth. Now concentrate on what you want to program into the crystal. As you inhale see a visual image of what you want and imagine how it feels to have it. With each exhale send your desire into the crystal. Once you can clearly visualize what you want your intention is now programmed into the crystal. This vibration is stored there until you replace it with a new intention.  

You can program more than one crystal with the same intention.

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