The Woman Within

Hello. Im Geraldine Lee a Nurse/Therapist with over 30 years experience helping women to create life changes, work through issues, and achieve their potential. In addition to my private therapy practice l continue to work on call for Specialist Teams in the NHS.

         1 1 Therapies, Groups and Workshops. Home visits available.

My view is that you are a unique person and so I use different approaches depending on what it is you want and need.

*         Life Coaching (including NLP) for Personal Growth and Creating Change

If you want to make changes in your life and take steps to move forward then having a Life Coach could be for you. During a series of sessions we can look at where you are in life now, and where you want to be in the future. Then I will help you plan the steps to achievement and support you to get there. Coaching focuses on YOU and is directed by where you want to go. My job is to facilitate your growth as you take your journey into the future.

*         Humanistic Counselling

Struggling and going through a difficult time? l can help listening, and supporting you with therapeutic strategies to help you cope with what has been happening. The humanistic approach can provide you with a deeper understanding of who you are and what you eel. It encourages self-awareness and self-relisation within a non-judgmental, supportive and understanding service, and in a safe and confidential manner.

*         Cognitive Strategies

This is a way of looking at specific problems. Sometimes it is hard to get past particular ways of thinking and behaving that cause problems. Using cognitive strategies l can help you find ways to make the changes in behaviour you need to make life easier.

*         Relaxation & Visualisation

Learning to relax is important in todays hectic world. Adding guided visualisation can bring additional calm and peace. It can enable the inner recesses of your mind to open up and allow helpful ideas to come to the surface.

*         Tapping for Emotional Freedom

Generally known as EFT this tapping technique is another way of dealing with emotional stressors. Using specific tapping points it helps remove the subconscious blocks that stop you from dealing with painful emotions.

*         Dealing with Depression

Depression can make life hard to cope with. Everyday tasks can feel beyond your ability to deal with, coping with anything can be just too much. Sleep and eating can be a problem. You may shut yourself away from friends or family and not want to be with anyone or go anywhere. Things you enjoyed before may no longer hold any interest. Life may seem just too hard, and sometimes not worth living. If you are experiencing these problems, to either a little or greater extent, talk to me and see if I can help.

*         Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a part of life, however it can build up and become an intolerable burden.  Add anxiety and life can close in around you. You may become fearful in many situations or have periods of panic, especially when alone, or outside of your home, or in social situations. Sometimes the feelings can be so overwhelming you can become convinced you are in a life threatening situation and are going to die. No matter what anyone says you dont think they understand and that you will be stuck like this forever. This is not true, you can get better and pick up the reins of your life again with help. Dont be afraid get in touch with me and we can explore what has been happening, and why, and work towards setting things right again.

*         Combating Emotional Distress

I help women gain better emotional health - no matter what their problems may be. There are times for all of us when we are emotionally vulnerable and need extra help and support. Particular events, such as being diagnosed with a long-term illness or disease, the breakdown of a relationship, bereavement, dealing with medication side-effects, or having work problems can cause feelings of deep unhappiness and emotional distress. Feelings can include denial, anger, and sadness and these can last for weeks or months before there is an acceptance of the new situation. This is often referred to as a 'grieving process.' If you find that your feelings are more than you can cope with, or are interfering with your ability to get on with your daily life, remember help is available.

*         Becoming Confident, Assertive and Raising Self Esteem

Have you ever looked at another woman and thought I wish I was her!! How do you know she is not looking at you and thinking the same? We all wear masks and its not often we let others see what is underneath and how we are really feeling. Let me help you overcome this and become the true you.

*         Coping with Pregnancy and Postnatal Emotional Distress

Women whose lives are affected by emotional distress and/or mental illness during pregnancy, and after childbirth, find that what should be a happy time becomes a miserable time full of anxiety and fear. There can be distress and difficulty for the whole family. But l can help you get through this and back to the old you the one who looked forward to having her baby. For six years l specialised in this area within the NHS and now l can offer my expertise to you if you need me.

For further information contact:

Geraldine Lee 07940895808 or 01476 978062

All therapies at a reasonable fee.