Pendulums can be used for a wide variety of activities including finding missing objects, locating ley lines, determining the sex of an unborn child, diagnosing blockages in the human energy field or more commonly to answer simple yes/no questions.

How do they work?
It is believed that we ourselves hold the answer to any question that could ever be asked, either in our mind or the minds of our ‘guides’
The pendulum finds the answers by forming a link with the users subconscious.

What can you use as a pendulum?
Pendulums can be made of different materials, you can make your pendulum or buy one. The most common types of pendulums are:
- a stone tied with wire and then suspended on a chain or cord.
- a necklace with some kind of charm suspended at the bottom or my personal favourite, a wedding ring.
- a chain with metal or crystal pointer at the bottom (these are usually store bought)

The best length for the pendulum is six inches.
The weight on the end should not be too light - nor too heavy.
The best shape for the weight is something that comes to a point.

How do I use my pendulum?
Firstly, you do not have to be psychic to use a pendulum. The pendulum will guide itself by tapping into your thoughts or someone in spirit who works through you - generally your spirit guide.

To begin with it is best to sit down. Relax your mind and body and let go of any stress you may be holding on to. You can rest your elbow on a table in front of you, or you can hold your arm in a horizontal position.

The first step is to get the feel of the pendulum and how it will move for you.
Pendulum generally move in four different ways:
- A Straight line - either, side to side or front and back
- A Circle - either clockwise or counter clockwise
- An Elliptical motion - oval or egg shaped

- A Bobbing or Nodding motion.

What each movement represents is different for everyone, so the first task is to determine what each movement means for you.

Start by determining the direction your pendulum will take for Yes and for No.
Hold the pendulum in your hand. With the other hand - touch the point to steady its motion. Keep your eyes on the point.
Now address the pendulum and say, "Show me 'Yes'." It will soon swing in one direction - which could be side to side, back and forth, or circles.
Now say, "Show me No." It could swing in the opposite direction or a different direction completely.

Be certain the pendulum is not being guided by the movement of your hand or fingers.

Once you have determine the pattern for Yes and No - you are ready to ask your questions.
To begin with it is best to start with simple questions such as, "Is it sunny today?" "Is it Monday?" "Are you here to answer my questions?"
Once you get the 'swing' of it - you can move on to personal questions.

Remember to only ask a question ONCE. If you want more information - you might want to use a
chart. At this time the pendulum should be about two inches above the chart - or as is comfortable.
If the motion of your pendulum increases - or the circles get large - the energy is increasing and you can expect change linked to the question you were asking. Pursue further questions to get additional information.

There are times that the answer is unknown - or more information is needed. At that time - the pendulum will either remain motionless or swing diagonally.

With all pendulum movements, the faster the movement, the stronger the energies.

Sometimes a pendulum will appear to bob or dance up and down. This is usually an affirmative response (the point is sometimes called a bobber).  However, if you feel it could mean something else ask it in the form of simple yes/no questions if that is what it means.

If the pendulum repeatedly stays motionless, then you must stop and try again at another time or find another way to channel.

Diagnosing blockages in the human energy field ‘CHAKRAS’
Method One: Standing Position
Stand in front of - or directly behind - the person you are working with.
Place the pendulum directly over their crown chakra [top of head].
The pendulum should swing in one of three ways: back and forth - side to side - or in circles.
Next place the pendulum in front of the third eye [forehead].
If the chakra is balanced the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction of the crown chakra - or the circles will be reversed.
Continue with each chakra down the line - throat, solar plexus, spleen, and root.
If a chakra is balanced the pendulum will continue to reverse polarities. If it is out of balance the pendulum will swing in the wrong direction - or not at all.

Method Two: Laying Down Position
Sit to the side of the person you are working with.
Hold the pendulum a few inches above each chakra in turn.
If the chakra is balanced the pendulum will remain motionless.
The pendulum will move if it locates a problem.

There are generally no rituals involved with pendulum use, although it is a good idea to Cleanse and Programme your pendulum for time to time.  For details of how this can be done click here

Please note that a pendulum, whilst fun to use, should not be relied on to help us decide every which way to go in life. Use it with the intention to help you grow spiritually, and always look for answers that can contribute to the greater good rather than personal gain.

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