A Wand is used to direct and channel the magical energy from the practitioner to the spell or magical working. Wands serve a similar purpose to the Athame although the two have their distinct uses. While an Athame is generally used to command, a Wand is seen as more gentle and is used to invite or encourage. Itís associated element is Fire and with the direction of the South. It symbolises the life force within the witch.

Wands can also be used within crystal healing, energy work, and as an aid to meditation. They are also incredibly beautiful pieces for your collection.

Boxed Angel Chakra Wands
Beautiful Chakra Wands with a quartz angel topper and quartz point at base. Presented in their own wooden storage box, decorated with silver dolphins.
Available in different stones and sizes. The wands currently in stock are listed below:
Large Clear Quartz Chakra Wand     SIZE: 230 mm      PRICE: £86.50
Medium Rose Quartz Chakra Wand     SIZE: 180 mm      PRICE: £69.50

Clear Quartz Chakra Wand  - £40.00
Beautiful Clear Quartz wand topped with a quartz sphere and tailed with a quatz point. Decorated with embossed silver metal and adorned with 7 chakra stones: Amethyst, Lapis, Turquoise, Malachite, Citrine, Carnelian and Garnet.  SIZE: Approx 165 mm Long

Chakra Skull Wands - £45.00
Crystal wand decorated with chakra stones and topped with a Clear Quartz crystal skull. Available in: Black Onyx, Rose Quartz, Unakite and Moonstone (Please enter stone choice in comments section when ordering or a random one will be selected).
SIZE APPROX:  125mm Long

Copper Chakra Wand  - £22.50
Beautifully thin copper wand topped with a quartz sphere and tailed with a quartz point. Decorated with embossed silver metal and set with 7 chakra stones.  SIZE: Approx 195mm Long

Rosewood Twisted Wand  - £18.99
Beautifully twisted rosewood wand with clear quartz sphere and point. Decorated with stone cabachon's (design and stone colour may vary slightly). Please note the wands currently in stock have a crown holding the ball at the top and are accented with a single garnet top and bottom (very nice).  SIZE: Approx 210mm Long

Bonded Chakra Wand  - £18.99
Beautiful 16 sided vogel cut chakra wand made with 7 bonded layers different chakra stones. Point at one end and smoothed ath the bollom making it ideal for massage.  SIZE: Approx 100mm Long

Orgone / Orgonite Chakra Wand  - £60.00
Orgone is a mixture of Polyresin, metal shavings & crystals. Proported to clean stagnent and negative energy, improves health, sleep paterns, protects from EMF's and much more. This wand is made of layers of chakra crystals mixed with copper shavings. The wand has a quartz sphere at the top and a quartz point at the bottom. Decorated with embossed silver metal and set with two Carnelian stones.  SIZE: Approx 170mm Long

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